By: Conner Cole

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15 Things You Never Thought You’d Say Before You Became A Parent

I ‘d like you to meet my son, Brent.

Brent, get your hands out of the toilet!

I ‘m a parent. Brent ‘s parent.

Be back by midnight, my son Brent!

I wonder why my son Brent hasn ‘t called.

Have you seen my son named Brent?

No officer, my Brent wouldn ‘t do that sort of thing.

This is my other son, Dale.

Brent and Dale did what?!

Brent and Dale, my two sons, you are grounded!

What do you mean I can ‘t ground my two sons Brent and Dale because they ‘re in jail?

Dale my son has always been such a bad influence on Brent my son.

I have two sons, Dale and Brent. I also have two other sons named Dale and Brent. They have different mothers, so it ‘s not that confusing.

Dale and Brent, my sons, we ‘re going to grandma ‘s!

Pssst, Dale and Brent, my sons, I ‘m breaking you out of prison.

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