By: Gianmarco Soresi

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The MTA has an Existential Crisis

The NYC MTA had an existential crisis…prepare for delays. Follow us on Facebook @ Written by Gianmarco Soresi Produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand / Edge In Motion Directed and Edited by Andy Zou VO Recorded at Hyperbolic Audio MTA Announcer: Gianmarco Soresi Commuters: Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Alice Grindling, Sean Kenin, Rohana Kenin, Megan Sass, Monique Moses, Asterios Kokkinos, Zoltan Nagy, Dominique Nisperos, Alex Estrada Crew: Jacopo Messina, JL Fragnay Special Thanks to Sean Kenin, the MTA, NYC, UCB, OBGYN, Leslie Meisel and my entire Character 101 class, Cindy Ho, Jeff Rabinak, Michelle Cutolo, T Zhang, Jake Kitchin, Megan Sass (Soresi & Sass), and Danny Giardullo / Pavel Konoplenko at for keeping me in a New York frame of mind! MATZA PIZZA is an exploration of everything Gianmarco Soresi dislikes about himself and the world. Named for its creator ‘s Jewish Italian heritage, this passionately neurotic sketch series attempts to diagnose his narcissistic, nihilistic, and existentialist tendencies WHILE MAKING YOU LAUGH!!! And just because I (Gianmarco Soresi, again) don't trust the YouTube tag system, here's some other spellings of Matza Pizza: Matzo Pizza, Matzah Pizza, Matzos Pizza – THEY'RE ALL RIGHT!

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