By: Jason Flowers

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9 Halloween Costume Ideas For People Dead Set On Going As Harambe

Halloween ‘s this weekend and we know many of you are planning to go out dressed as the internet ‘s favorite dead gorilla. Now whether or not that ‘s a good idea, here are some last minute ways to make your Harambe costume stand out above the rest.

1. Don ‘t do it.

2. Stay home.

3. Go as LITERALLY anything else.


4. Did we say don ‘t? We did? OK, great.

5. Maybe Watch David Pumpkins Over And Over Instead?

6. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

7. Perhaps Do Some Light Reading On Why A Harambe Costume Is Problematic

8. Please, don ‘t do this to yourself. Do you really want your future children to see photos of their mom or dad wearing an offensive dead gorilla meme?

9. Haram-Bey

Some simple stockings, a leather jacket and a little extra fierceness will elevate this simple meme into a costume worthy of being called Queen.

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