By: Gianmarco Soresi

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You never forget your first hip hop class… Subscribe for new sketches EVERY MONDAY and follow us on Facebook @ Written by Gianmarco Soresi Produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand / Edge In Motion… Associate Produced by Sarah E. Burke Directed by Jeff Nash DP ‘d by Marcin Kapron Edited by Jeff Rabinak Kevin Garvey, Jr.: Gianmarco Soresi Hip Hop Teacher: Sarah E. Burke Ballet Teacher: Nikki Nasto Pajama Gamers: Georgia Davies & Sai Somboon Dancers: Jhonattan Marques, Mariko de Couto, Shari Cohen, Kimberly Lam, Stanley Huang, Caitlin Devore, Randolph Tan, Russ Somoza, Asel Otunchieva, Nao Inuzuka, Maria Molina, Iryna Sysko, Katie Koegel, William Rosenberg, Devynn Brooks, Anne Peng, Mark MacKillop, Lauren Flack VO Tag: Sean Kenin @ Hyperbolic Audio Wardrobe: Cindy Ho Crew: Savannah Rice, Jacopo Messina, JL Fragnay, Kevin Gallmeyer Special Thanks to Steps NYC, Wedee Kao, Sarah E. Burke, Cindy Ho, Jeff Solomon MATZA PIZZA is an exploration of everything Gianmarco Soresi dislikes about himself and the world. Named for its creator ‘s Jewish Italian heritage, this passionately neurotic sketch series attempts to diagnose his narcissistic, nihilistic, and existentialist tendencies WHILE MAKING YOU LAUGH!!! And just because I (Gianmarco Soresi, again) don't trust the YouTube tag system, here's some other spellings of Matza Pizza: Matzo Pizza, Matzah Pizza, Matzos Pizza – THEY'RE ALL RIGHT! Also, Hip Hop Rapture + The Leftovers Season 3

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