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24 Reasons That Westworld Is Just A Donald Trump Resort

Part of the fun of watching HBO ‘s Westworld is going down the conspiracy rabbit hole. It ‘s eerie how just a few episodes of television can make you question your own reality even more than seeing Trump ‘s name on the ballot. Speaking of Trump, here ‘s a mind-blowing theory:

Westworld is a Trump resort run by The Donald himself.

Consider the evidence:

Upon arrival, you ‘re immediately welcomed to share a dressing room with a supermodel.

Everyone is hot.

Many workers are singled out, or purged entirely, for reasons like “their nose being too big, ‘ “not having the right look, ‘ or “thinking too much. ‘

The people who built it could never afford the $40,000 per day admission.

It ‘s likely in danger of bankruptcy.

Most of the guests are white dudes.

It takes no effort at all to acquire a gun and use it however you want.

You can live as though your actions have no consequences.

If you somehow manage to “lose, ‘ it must have been rigged.

There ‘s a solid chance your enemy is a robot.

People can completely forget and deny their past actions, no matter how serious.

If you whisper about “violent delights ‘ in someone ‘s ear, it turns them on.

You ‘re free to ignore the masses of people in danger and focus on your own experience.

The narrative can be changed at any time, and you just have to accept this.

It ‘s common for guests to be constantly interrupted by yet another fictional story.

Frequently prone to dangerous off-script moments.

It ‘s secretly transmitting information to the outside.

A woman thinks she can use “reason ‘ to dispute your revolutionary ideas.

The world is full of unresolved and escalating racial tension.

Its fans spend countless hours constructing elaborate conspiracy theories, despite frankly having no clue what ‘s going on.

Controversial on the internet for questionable treatment of women.

Aims to “keep you in suspense, ‘ which is very stressful for viewers.

Everyone knows that shit is about to seriously hit the fan and we ‘re just sitting back and awaiting the imminent disaster.

Run by a sadistic sociopath.

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