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Adult Toys Commercial

Now from the makers of Adult Coloring books: A new line of products that help you find your inner child and avoid responsibility! Our parents and grandparents were part of a different generation…air raid drills, war, supporting their families at a young age…they worked hard and did it all without an iPhone! As a millennial we know it's different but our struggle is very real. The real world is a scary place…and now we have a new line of exciting products to avoid it! Because who needs a 401k and dental insurance? Adult Toys: Because growing up is overrated! Written & Produced by JustBoobs Sketch: Melissa Rojas, Elizabeth Bond & Kate McDaniel & Stephanie Carrie ( Directed by Honora Talbott Special thanks to AwestruckTV ( DP: Davey Vorhes ( Editor: Marta Bender ( 1st AD: Andrea Rutherford CAST: Elizabeth Bond, Stephanie Carrie, Kate McDaniel, Melissa Rojas, Angela Hoover, Isabella Sommer Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: JustBoobsSketch Logo by Carin Agiman ( JustBoobsSketch Photography by Johnny Shryock ( MUSIC – All tracks are from the Epidemic Sound library that we have the right to use through our YouTube partnership with AwestruckTV.

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