By: Nightpantz

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The Lady is for Trump

A little song, a little dance, one last chance to grab the election by the ‘Pantz. Director: Tom Colley Producer: Kerry Pozniak Producer: Tim Lacatena Writer: Kerry Pozniak Cinematographer: Tom Colley Gaffer: Sara Newton Lyrics: Kerry Pozniak and Tim Lacatena Music track: Karaoke Version Vocals: Tim Lacatena (Soulcirque) Editor: Andres Di Bono Donna: Ginger Pennington Crooner: Tim Lacatena Jim: Hunter Bolton Door to door salesman: Dominic D. Daniel Gardener #1: Daniel Masso Gardener #2: Byron David Gonzalez Couple 2 husband: Kerry Pozniak Couple 2 wife: Sara Newton A Nightpantz Production.

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