By: Holt and Steele

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A man wakes up from a coma in 2018 to learn that Donald Trump, yes that Donald Trump, is somehow President of the United States of America. Wait, what?!

The ACLU –
The Brady Campaign –
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund –
The National Resources Defense Council –
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund –
The Southern Poverty Law Center –
Planned Parenthood –
DIRECTED AND WRITTEN BY: Holt Bailey and Brian Steele
DP: Braden Moran
EDITOR: Jeremy Rhodes
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Staci Roberts Steele

BOB: Tim Rock
MARCY: Staci Roberts Steele
DOCTOR: Will Greenberg
BURRITO BRO: Ari Frenkel
NURSE: Lori Nierzwick

SPECIAL THANKS: Peter Karinen, Lea Coco, Nvisitionate Studios

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