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11 Excuses For Why You Can’t You Make It Home For Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together, reconnect, and share in each other ‘s company. But not everyone can, or even wants to, go home for the holiday. Mom ‘s gonna need a pretty good reason for why you ‘re not coming, so here are some great options.

“I ‘m still knee-deep in Halloween parties. ‘

“I ‘m already in a fight with Dad about the 2020 election. ‘

“New fam, who dis? ‘

“Replace your bed with a treadmill and see if you still call it ‘home, ‘ Mom. ‘

“My asshole boss won ‘t give me the time off from my job at the cranberry cannery. ‘

“I ‘m still stuck trying to get home from last Thanksgiving. ‘

“I ‘m a turkey. ‘

“I have to continue the rouse of telling my boyfriend I don ‘t have a family. ‘

“Sully landed our plane in the Hudson again. ‘

“I finally made enough racist friends to no longer need our racist family. ‘

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