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What To Do When There’s A Stain On Your Shirt

Add ‘I ?? ‘ next to it.

Ask the internet if it ‘s a blue shirt with a gold stain or a gold shirt with a blue stain.

Add some foundation, a little liner, and a touch of blush to give it a natural, yet refined, look.

Brag about how lucky you are that you can worry about a shirt that ‘s stained, you privileged pile of garbage.

Mess up your hair so you just look like a crazy person.

‘I don ‘t know, Michael. I ‘m not your wife anymore! ‘

Dab it with a stick of Hanley ‘s ‘The Gum That Gets Out Cum! ‘

Use it as bait to catch a mom.

Crack open a Tide To Go ‘ pen, chug it, and let your sweat do the work.

Turn the shirt inside out, walk backwards, and eat breakfast for dinner.

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