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Can Corporations Speak Freely In Trump’s America? We Sure Can, And Also We Love Him!

After the CEO of Boeing criticized Trump ‘s trade policy, Trump tweeted out against the company. Then, Boeing ‘s stock dropped about $2 a share.

Trump ‘s seeming retaliation to Boeing CEO ‘s outspokenness has left businesses and corporations feeling uneasy. To see how uneasy, we asked several CEO ‘s the following question:

Do you feel you can speak freely in Trump ‘s America without fear of retribution?

‘Why would Trump seek retribution if I speak freely about what I think of him? I think he is smart and strong and it makes total sense that Melania is his wife because they are equally attractive. ‘

‘ CEO of Serta, Joel Davenport

Of course I ‘m free to say whatever I believe! And I believe Donald Trump will be a great president. Now if you ‘ll excuse me, I have to go vomit for an unrelated reason. ‘

‘ CEO of Stop and Shop, Genevieve De Almeida

‘I actually feel more comfortable speaking my mind now that Trump is president. What ‘s on my mind? Oh, just that I wish I could hug Donald Trump. I ‘m sure it would be pleasant and not feel like hugging a combination of pudding and Rogue from X-men. ‘

‘ CEO of Westfeild Shopping Centers, Robert Harper

‘That ‘s a ridiculous question! Trump ‘s not some kind of vindictive dictator! ‘ And I just want to add, I think Trump would be a great vindictive dictator. ‘

‘ CEO of Bic, Michael Cooperstein

‘Uh, yes, I can speak freely in Trump ‘s America. Also, I made him this cross-stitch that says ‘You ‘re the best! I love you! ‘ can you get it to him? ‘On second thought, don ‘t tell him I ever spoke to you. ‘

‘ CEO of Michaels Crafts and Supplies, Allison Ross

‘Why are you asking me that? Is this a threat? Did Trump send you here to deliver a warning?! Are you going to break my knees?! I ‘m sorry! I take it all back! He ‘s not a insecure psychopath! [crying] I take it back! I take it back! [sobbing] ‘

‘ CEO of Caribou Coffee, Brent Paulson

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