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11 Spoilers From ‘Fuller House’ Season 2!

If for some strange reason your boss won ‘t let you take off Friday, December 9th to watch Fuller House season 2 on Netflix here ‘s enough information to make everyone think you saw it.

The Tanner-Fullers deal with their new alt-right neighbors.

Kimmy accidentally rips off a woman ‘s hijab in a very special episode about Islamophobia.

Danny Tanner accidentally hits Comet Jr. Jr. with his car and his guilt is dwarfed by the feeling of control it gives him.

Michelle returns from New York to battle whatever curse hangs over their family and causes the non-Tanner spouse to die after the birth of their third child.

They hug and learn.

Steve and the veterinarian stop fighting over DJ and learn to love each other instead.

Uncle Jesse eats Greek yogurt every day for breakfast.

Kimmy has a crush a delivery guy and gets caught up in #Pizzagate.

The Tanner-Fullers finally learn what a ‘cuck ‘ is.

The ghost of Danny ‘s wife comes back and Danny is disgusted to hear how dirty the afterlife is.

Joey is rejected from advanced study at an improv theatre.

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