By: Ryan Haney

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Naughty Or Nice? Neither! These 10 Children Are On Santa’s “Morally Ambiguous” List

Emily Morris, 7, didn ‘t join in when the other kids started bullying a Middle-Eastern student, but she didn ‘t do anything to stop them either.

Stephanie Cross, 5, found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. Instead of trying to nurse it back to health, she stomped on it ‘s neck to end it ‘s suffering.

William White, 9, donated all the money he made from his lemonade stand to a charity that builds both libraries and gay conversion therapy centers in small South American villages.

Alonso Dunis, 6, always eats his vegetables because he wants to grow up big and strong and ‘always be the physical alpha in any given situation. ‘

Christopher Richards, 12, after his mother lost her job, he took a paper route to help out with the bills and because he believes that a woman ‘s place is in the home anyway.

Christian Munez, 8, mows his elderly neighbor ‘s lawn every Saturday, then stuffs all the grass clippings in the mailbox for the school for the deaf.

Alyssa Boonrati, 10, will share dessert with a classmate as long as they get under the lunch table and lick her shoe.

Destin James, 11, practiced her scales every day so she could sing the national anthem at a Trump rally.

Jon Lee, 9, gives his old toys away, but scratches the eyes off his action figures with a steak knife ‘so the poors remember they ‘re getting a handout. ‘

Brennan Harper, 7, is an altar boy so he can be as close to the body as possible during funerals.

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