By: Evan Waite

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Celebrities We Would And Would Not Let Use Our Chapstick

Sharing our ChapStick is a pretty intimate act, so we ‘re not cool with letting just anyone use it.

Tommy Lee Jones

No. He looks like the type who might take a nibble from the tube. Just because it ‘s cherry-flavored doesn ‘t mean its edible.

Viola Davis

Her lips look top notch. She doesn ‘t need it. Come back with cracked, bleeding lips and we can talk.

Wynton Marsalis

Yes. His lips are an integral part of his tooting.

Sally Field

Nope. We let her use our toothbrush on a camping trip once and she never gave it back. Not getting burned again.

Will Smith


Jaden Smith


Willow Smith


Lil Yachty

We don ‘t know who that is.

That Guy Who Plays Negan

Absolutely not. That son of a bitch killed Glenn. He doesn ‘t even deserve lips, much less moist, kissable ones.

The Weeknd

Only on the bottom lip. He has to earn our trust before we allow full mouth coverage. He comes off shady in his songs.

Ewan McGregor

No, but he ‘s welcome to use our deodorant as long as he doesn ‘t leave armpit hairs on it. No way we ‘re plucking them off like after James Earl Jones borrowed our soap.

The cast of American Crime

Yes, except for Timothy Hutton. He knows why.


No. If Chappie ‘s chapped, that ‘s Chappie ‘s problem.

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