By: Jonathon Pawlowski

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The ‘Christmas Carol’ Ending You Weren’t Supposed To See

In 1984, an alternate ending of Christmas Carol was made where Scrooge's encounter with ghosts was not actually a new beginning to his life as a better man. Watch the found footage with caution.

Scrooge: John Curran
Goose Boy: Tyler Crumley
Voiceover: Sarah Mitchell
Writers/Producers: DW Medoff, Jonathon Pawlowski and Michael Sokol
Director: Jonathon Pawlowski, Michael Sokol
Director of Photography: Kyler Dennis
A/C: Taylor Kyles
Gaffer: Mike Morgan
Sound: Graham Kicklighter
Set Design: Bret Brammer
Still Photography: Holly Kent
Editor: Jonathon Pawlowski
Compositor: Lear Bunda
Original Score: Dan Dombrowsky, Karl Kevad and Cameron Schwartz
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
Props provided by GA Prop Source

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