By: Daniel Rashid

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Moments to Midnight: A New Years Love Story

Will Billy and Polly find each other in time?

A Giggle Break Production
Written by Cecily Breaux
Directed by Avi Kaye
Produced by Cecily Breaux and Daniel Rashid
DP/Editor: Avi Kaye
1st AD: Jay Lee
Boom Op/Balloon Wrangler: Jay Lee
Cecily Breaux
Daniel Rashid
Isaac Jay
Ashley Morton
Marc Rosenzweig
Cece Trask
Grace Korkunis
Courtney Berck
Caribay Franke
Turner Frankosky
Aaliyah Frazer
Allison Garwood
Allie Jennings
Katie Peabody
Special Thanks:
Ian Carr
The Ladies of Apartment 311
Music: “Fly ‘ by Phil Lober

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