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‘Twas The Last Piece Of Content: An Internet Comedy Poem

2016 was a long year for everyone, including topical comedy websites. We invite you to look back with us by enjoying the following end-of-the-year Internet Comedy Poem:

‘Twas The Last Piece Of Content

Two Thousand and Sixteen ‘ wow, what a year. A few upsie-downsies, some mongering of fear.

But the year is now ending, and so must the goofs.

Not a web vid is stirring ‘ not even the spoofs.

As we say our good prayer-sies for nice things to come

We look back on the content, some viral, some dumb.

We did send-ups and skewerings and parodies too

‘Cause if you ‘re in the spotlight, we ‘re comin ‘ for you!

But that man called the Trumpster ‘ ya heard of him much?

We took aim at him often, but he couldn ‘t be touched

By a spoof or a goof or a comedy rap

Or celeb in a wig or some other dumb crap.

And that Hillary person, once a mainstay of news

Is no more than a mem ‘ry – hey let ‘s drink some booze.

To the end of the Content Year 2016

As far as fuckin ‘ years go, it was loud, bad and mean.

But we did our dill ‘gence, as spoofers of news

And the latest Between Two Ferns got nearly 60 million views (many of those native to the website, which is an accomplishment considering the preeminence of Facebook video).

Oh and speaking of those guys, the Facers of book

There ‘s a news called the FAKE kind, and it ‘s not a good look

To be spreading as fact upon everyone ‘s screens

Things made up for ad dollars by Yugoslav teens.

‘Cause it ‘s tough to do spoofsies and satire when has more clout than CNN.

Still, the year was enlightening, and often times fun.

I can ‘t think of examples but I ‘m sure there was one.

I ‘ll get back to you.

True, our government stinks like a shit enchilada,

the environment ‘s dying ‘ hey, everyone ‘s gotta!

And the racism, sexism, violence and greed

Seems it ‘s only increasing with blazing fast speeds (this stanza sponsored by Verizon Fios – How do you Fios? ‘)

Making us sometimes feel like our spoofs on the web,

Are the content equivalent of the candidate Jeb(!)

Impotent, ineffective ‘ hey, embarrassing too

Like we ‘re that exclamation point, and we know we ‘re not true.

But it isn ‘t quite like that, not everything stinks

Because comedy ‘s job isn ‘t to make you think.

It ‘s to make you laugh deeply at farts or the truth

In your office or home or your nail salon booth

And if something sticks with you, well, ‘Whoopity doo! ‘ (Adam Sandler)

Because words can be false but a laugh is a True.

So we ‘ll lay down our spoof hats and cameras and pens

And rest up for the new year, and do it again.

Lemonade.That ‘s something. Lemonade was good.

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