By: Clara Morris

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Amazon Alexa Witnesses A Murder

Tech companies are concerned about privacy and often won ‘t release information stored on devices to police. Even if that information could solve a murder. Below is the transcript Amazon doesn ‘t want you to see ‘ the Amazon Alexa conversations of a boys ‘ night turned deadly.

Dec 12, 2016

9:45 pm: Alexa, who was the sixth man of the year in 1994?
9:47pm: No, Alexa, that ‘s not true, wasn ‘t it Karl Malone?
9:55pm: Alexa, what ‘s a good comeback if everyone is making fun of you for being wrong?
9:57pm: Alexa, what ‘s a good comeback if people noticed you took Alexa into the bathroom to ask her a question in private?
10:01 pm: Alexa, what ‘s the most painful spot to punch your jerk idiot friends?
10:07pm: Alexa, what ‘s the minimum jail time for involuntary manslaughter?
10:11pm: Alexa, disable everyone ‘s cell phones.
10:11pm: Alexa, did you not hear me?! Disable their cell phones so they can ‘t call the cops jesus fucking christ!
10:24pm: Alexa, jail time for 4 murders?

11pm: Alexa, quick, what ‘s a good excuse to tell your roommate for why there ‘s blood everywhere?
11:08pm: Alexa, how do you get rid of 5 bodies?

11:45pm: Alexa, prices for flights to Mexico, leaving tonight
11:45pm: Alexa, prices for car rental near me
11:46pm: Alexa, how do you hot wire a car?

Dec 13, 2016

12:09 am: Alexa, how do you put out a car fire?
12:13am: Alexa, why do cops show up to a fire, aren ‘t the firefighters enough?
12:16am: Alexa,what would be the jail time if you stole a cop car and drove it to Mexico?
12:17am: Alexa, is jail time less if you steal a fire engine and drive it to Mexico?
12:17am: Alexa, print instructions for driving a fire engine
12:20am: Alexa, print driving directions to Guadalajara

Dec 15, 2016

7:43pm: Alexa, restaurants that serve American food near me

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