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12 Signs Russia Is Exercising Influence On America

  • Everyone is reading Beet Soup for the Teenage Soul
  • Reuben sandwiches now just come with ‘dressing ‘
  • You ‘ve started referring to Russia as ‘Step-mother Russia ‘
  • Rocky IV was renamed Drago and ends with an offscreen Drago victory and Rocky ‘s death
  • Your deli now sells bear meat
  • Instead of red, white, and blue, the American flag is now red, red, and red
  • Books on The New York Times best sellers list are all at least 800 pages
  • Cold potato is the new national food
  • Tracksuits for everyone
  • All vehicles are now equipped with dashcams
  • Formerly mail-order brides are suddenly available at local retailers
  • The 2016 Presidential Election of Donald J. Trump

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