By: Keaton Patti

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The Trump Inauguration Day Drinking Game

Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States on Friday, January 20th. Here ‘s a drinking game to play during the festivities!

Drink for 3 seconds every time:

  • Trump points at the White House and goes ‘What ‘s that? ‘
  • A Rockette appears to be performing under duress
  • Trump ‘s hair defies the laws of physics
  • A bald eagle attacks Barron Trump
  • You see America quantifiably Become Great Again

Chug a beer every time:

  • Trump tries to make Mexico pay for something
  • Melania Trump malfunctions and sparks shoot out of her circuitry
  • Donald Jr. or Eric Trump gel their hair
  • Mike Pence ‘s devil horns are visible
  • A Secret Service agent is wearing a suit

Finish a case of beer every time:

  • A time traveler tries to stop the inauguration
  • A protester turns out to be the ghost of George Washington
  • A swamp gets drained
  • Trump uses Hillary Clinton as a chair
  • You try to rewind the live broadcast from ever happening like it ‘s all just a bad movie and not reality

Take a shot every time:

  • Trump puts his hand on a Bible and it bursts into flames
  • Trump waves a giant Russian flag
  • Obama hits Trump in the back with a folding chair and takes back the Presidency
  • Trump sells the entire country to China
  • Ivanka Trump tells Donald to stop staring at her

Become an alcoholic every time:

  • Trump becomes the actual President of the United States of America

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