By: Paul Gale

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Intimacy Issues

This is what happens when you're not on the same page in a new relationship… Say hey on Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to my mailing list: MORE VIDEOS Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong The Truth About Being Single Directed by Paul Gale and Ted Schaefer Photographed by Adam Uhl Written by Paul Gale Edited by Paul Gale and Jamil Munoz CAST Paul Gale Emilea Wilson CREW Sound Mixer: Hunter Berk Production Designer: Kit Sheridan Sound Recordist: William Pawlowski Gaffer: Nelson Mestril Script Supervisor: Jay Bassin Production Assistant: Andre Bourne Music by Paul Gale + “Oranges ‘ by Fresh Fruits Special Thanks to FrankJavCee, Audrey Horowitz, Andrew Law, Emma Needleman, Dustin Molina, Ali Vingiano, Matt Porter, Catherine Cohen, and Lauren Ireland And take it from me, baby ‘ put her number in your phone!

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