By: Evan Waite

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I Can ‘t Help But Wonder If My Dental Office Has Some Ulterior Motive For Sending Me A Birthday Card

The other day, I got a lovely birthday card from my dentist, Dr. Patel. It made me feel really good to know he remembered my special day. On its face, it was simply a nice gesture. But I can ‘t help but wonder if there were some ulterior motive at work.But what?

The card has a picture of a smiling tooth holding a brush. Is that a clue?

Maybe I ‘m just being paranoid. Dr. Patel probably just thinks of me as a friend. And that ‘s what friends do: They send each other birthday cards out of the blue. I should try to find out when Dr. Patel ‘s birthday is so I can send him one back.

Also, I should ask Dr. Patel what his first name is, because friends should know each other ‘s first names.

I ‘m going to make an appointment to have my teeth cleaned, and to investigate. As the card mentions, it has been more than six months since my last visit. Luckily, the phone number is printed in red on the inside, which makes it easy for me to reach them.

While I ‘m giving money for their services, I can do some digging into the birthday card thing. Dr. Patel ‘s secretary might have some thoughts.

I ‘m going to crack this nut.

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