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12 Inspiring Ways To Die Without Healthcare

  • Standing in the middle of Fifth Avenue and having the Presidentt shoot you
  • Drowning during group swim at conversion camp
  • On your way to Canada to become a citizen and get universal coverage
  • Waiting online for the healthcare website to load
  • Choking to death on your own ambition
  • Mid-coitus so that you can die as you lived: Fucked.
  • Dying figuratively because omg you can ‘t even
  • From a pre-existing condition while running up library steps to “Eye of the Tiger ‘
  • Crowd surfing at Trump ‘s inauguration
  • Working your part-time job at a billion dollar corporation
  • Slowly dying from a treatable disease in the ER while explaining to the nursing staff why Single Payer wouldn ‘t work in this country
  • On 9/11 (but this year)

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