By: Alex Pearson

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These 10 People Guess How Old Tom Brady Is

We asked these 10 people the same question: ‘How old is Tom Brady? ‘

‘Just by looking at him, I ‘d say he ‘s in his twenties or his thirties or his forties. Definitely under sixty. ‘

‘No clue, but I know his wife is 36, which is kind of creepy considering how much older or younger than her he might be. ‘

‘The Patriots have been around since 1960. Tom Brady is the New England Patriots. Therefore, by deductive reasoning, Tom Brady is immortal. ‘

‘It ‘s kind of a Benjamin Button situation, except he was born one age and will always be that age. Until his tenth Super Bowl, when he will suddenly wither and die. ‘

‘Are you counting the time Belichick keeps him suspended in the cryo-pod or not? ‘

‘I find that the best way to tell a person ‘s true age is their eyes, which in this case is useless because I dare not gaze directly into the eyes of the one true god. ‘

‘Your first mistake is trying to apply the same numerical age system they use to measure other quarterbacks. ‘

‘I ‘m a football coach. I ‘m not a doctor. Stats are for losers. Final scores are for winners. ‘

‘I was told there wouldn ‘t be math. ‘

‘I guess I ‘ve never thought about it before. I ‘m going to guess either 31 or 44. ‘

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