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Things To Say During The Super Bowl That’ll Have Your Friends Saying “This Person Loves Sports!”

‘Hug that guy! Hug that guy until he falls! ‘

‘I am in disagreement with the ref again! ‘

‘I hate to interrupt the game, but I would like to propose marriage to sports! ‘

‘Ah, the good ol ‘ Human Puppy Bowl! ‘

‘I don ‘t care if ANY of these people are rapists! ‘

‘I hope there ‘s touchdowns. I love touchdowns! ‘

‘If my team loses I will be yelling at my wife and son! ‘

‘Sorry I ‘m late, I got caught up kicking some nerd ‘s ass! ‘

‘Lin-Manuel Miranda or the half-time show is garbage, am I right boys?! ‘

‘You know football is what they call soccer in Europe! ‘

‘Wow, no red carpet or anything. They really mean business! ‘

‘Maybe if I painted my wife to look like a football I could make love to her again! ‘

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