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How To Tell If This Mansion Is Haunted

The decapitated child standing on the ceiling tells you she also saw that creepy puppet moving on its own

If you ask ‘Are you a ghost? ‘ they legally have to tell you

Every time you put your hand in your bowl of peeled grapes, they feel like eyeballs

You hear weird noises in the basement where you killed all those people

If you hear chain noises even though your chains are all chained up

Every weekend, another group of sexually frustrated teens tries to spend the night

THIS mansion?! This mansion burned down fifty years ago!

It ‘s listed on Scarebnb

You hear ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor ‘ because it ‘s spooky and in the public domain

Alexa asks YOU to turn on the lights

The doorbell plays the entirety of the ‘Monster Mash ‘

Kill yourself in the house. Once you ‘re in the ‘ghost dimension ‘ you should be able to tell if the house is haunted

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