By: Alex Pearson

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50 Other Valuable Facts For The One-Third Of Americans Who Didn ‘t Know Obamacare Was The Same As The Affordable Care Act

Current polling shows that over a third of Americans don ‘t realize Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing. Here are 50 other valuable facts they could probably use:

  1. Autumn is fall.
  2. A dozen is twelve.
  3. A couple is two.
  4. Soft drinks are sodas.
  5. Samoas are Caramel deLites.
  6. Catsup is Ketchup.
  7. Inflammable is Flammable.
  8. KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  9. Carl ‘s Jr. is Hardee ‘s.
  10. Muhammad Ali is Cassius Clay.
  11. Mayo is mayonnaise.
  12. OK is Okay.
  13. TV is television.
  14. A remote control is a clicker.
  15. Corn sugar is high fructose corn syrup.
  16. A hero is a sub.
  17. A flapjack is a pancake.
  18. A mountain lion is a cougar
  19. A woodchuck is a groundhog
  20. Doe is a deer, a female deer.
  21. John Doe is an unidentified person.
  22. Big Papi is David Ortiz.
  23. Macho Man is Randy Savage.
  24. A cheeseburger without cheese is a hamburger.
  25. Icing is frosting.
  26. Raisins are grapes.
  27. Pickles are cucumbers.
  28. Chicken is chicken meat.
  29. Fur is hair.
  30. An alternative fact is a lie
  31. Homicide is murder.
  32. Xfinity is Comcast.
  33. An occupation is a job.
  34. A forest is woods.
  35. Pommes frites are French fries.
  36. A car is an automobile.
  37. A cop is a police officer.
  38. Lawn is grass.
  39. A film is a movie.
  40. Sparkling water is soda water.
  41. Compression pants are leggings.
  42. Crawfish is a crawdad.
  43. Mini-mall is a strip mall.
  44. Water is wet.
  45. Grass is green.
  46. Sky is blue.
  47. Ice is cold.
  48. Fire is hot.
  49. Alt-right is Nazi
  50. A half dozen is six.

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