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25 Teen Vaping Trends Even Cooler And More Dangerous Than Dripping

A new study says a fourth of teens who vape use an alarming technique known as ‘dripping. ‘ But here are 25 even cooler and more dangerous trends for teens who vape:

1. Slurping

Drinking e-liquid through a straw you found in the trash

2. Sprinkling

Emptying a watering can full of steaming hot vape liquid directly on your head

3. Vape Bombing

Pouring an e-cigarette into a pint of Guinness and chugging

4. Knife Fighting

Dipping a heated blade in e-juice and challenging a rival to a ‘Beat It ‘ style knife fight

5. Tattooing

Using nicotine ink to mark your skin permanently with the name of someone you are dating, but not exclusively yet

6. Scuba Diving

Fully submerging in a pool of e-juice, without tying your drawstring

7. Neti Potting

Pouring a small pot of nicotine liquid into the nostril, vape amoebas be damned

8. Fonduing

Dipping bits of pastry or fruit into boiling e-liquid

9. Juice Boxing

Sipping from a vape juice box, even though everyone else in your grade now drinks carbonated vape drink from cans

10. Fugu-ing

Soaking the meat of the deadly puffer fish in e-cig liquid

11. Scrambling

Having the omelet bar chef mix e-liquid in your eggs, and you ‘re not even a guest of this resort

12. Butt-Vaping


13. Martini-ing

Sipping 1 part vermouth, 6 parts e-liquid stirred well and strained into the wrong style cocktail glass among high society

14. Dry Icing

Filling a dark room with vape clouds, dance music, and a bunch of guys wearing a lot of hair gel

15. Flushing

Using a toilet to get your vape fumes swirling in a really cool funnel cloud

16. Retaining

Soaking an orthodontic device in a cup of vape liquid between wearing

17. Exhausting

Filling an automobile ‘s gas tank with e-juice and huffing the exhaust pipe

18. Juicing

Blending nicotine liquid with kale, blueberries, and other superfoods of your choice

19. Topping

Putting vape liquid on one half of the pizza knowing full well your roommate hates it

20. Gridironing

Spraying e-liquid on the head of a Green Bay Packers lineman and waiting for him to come back to the bench

21. Russian Rouletting

5 containers of weed-killer. 1 container of e-liquid. All identical. Vape one at random

22. Microwaving

Removing the tray of frozen e-juice from the box, cooking on high for 3 minutes, and inhaling through the one-inch slit cut in the plastic overwrap

23. Dipping Dotting

The vaping of the future

24. Extreme Dripping

Similar to traditional dripping, but while skateboarding into traffic

25. Smoking

Like vaping, but replacing the nicotine liquid with finely cut tobacco

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