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The Correct Answers To The Most Common Rorschach Test Images

A Rorschach Test is a psychological test where subjects are told to describe what they see in inkblots. The answers are then used to analyze the subject ‘s mindset. What psychologists don ‘t want you to know is that there are correct answers to the test. Here they are.

A two-headed angel going in for a hug, but knowing that nobody wants to hug a two-headed angel, because that ‘s just too many heads for an angel.

Carrot Top and his twin brother high-fiving after doing a terrible set of prop comedy.

Two waiters bowing to each other, trying to to hide their erections. Bowing has caused them to spill their pitchers of red wine. Also, they ‘re not fooling anyone.

This is an image of a dragon flying downwards used to promote How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) to psychology test subjects, which was the movie ‘s targeted demographic. Anyone who doesn ‘t see a dragon has bad taste in movies.

Giant moth prop that Carrot Top uses to act as “David Lee Moth. ‘ It ‘s fucking terrible.

This is nothing. If a subject says it looks like anything, they ‘re wrong and must be a compulsive liar and need immediate rehabilitation. 99% of people in psych wards are there because of this “image. ‘

Two audience members of a Carrot Top show looking at each other, thinking, “Did we really just waste $50 on tickets for this terrible show? Every joke is a moth pun. ‘ These are also the waiters with boners from earlier. They ‘re still not fooling anyone.

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