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Is This Breitbart Interview Of Sean Spicer The Most Awkward Video Of All Time?

This Breitbart interview of Sean Spicer just might be the worst, least professional interview ever done of a White House official:

Can you appreciate how bad it is? It is important to us that you realize how bad this is. The fact that they clearly didn ‘t test any of their equipment before using it; the terrible audio (hum in the room + volume gets inexplicably louder at the end); the erratic camera switching without purpose; the too close close-ups; the shot of the wall at the very end. It ‘s a masterclass in making an awkward interview video. Are Tim & Eric behind this?

Amazingly, it ‘s been 18 hours (as of this post) since this went live, and Breitbart hasn ‘t deleted it. This can mean one of three things:

1) They do not realize how bad this is.
2) The #1 policy of the Trump administration is to NEVER admit to a mistake, and deleting this would acknowledge that it was awful.
3) The social media person at Breitbart is actually anti-Trump and made this video as an act of sabotage.

For comparison, here is an Adult Swim video of Dr. Steve Brule attempting to play an awkward news personality who is somehow still not as awkward as the Breitbart interviewer:

And here is a Super Deluxe video in which heavy editing makes Trump look awkward that is not as awkward as the actual editing of the Breitbart interview:

Are we wrong here? Do we watch too many internet videos and are therefore too sensitive to just how bad this is?

Is this like a situation where the Nigerian prince spam emails are written intentionally idiotically because they are targeting dumb people because they are easier to exploit? Is this a video that only the severely dumb are meant to watch and get anything out of? Is that mean?

We are baffled and looking for answers. Let us know what you think.

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