By: Evan Waite

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Though I Haven ‘t Read It, What ‘s Going On Now Is Just Like ‘1984 ‘

Good literature has a way of addressing society ‘s fears and anxieties in a way that allows us to examine them from a safe psychological distance. And now more than ever we need that, because our society has taken a dark turn towards authoritarianism of late. Though I admittedly haven ‘t read the novel, it ‘s become clear that what ‘s going on in America right now is just like 1984.

President Trump has been ramping up his attacks on the media recently, just like one of the characters in 1984 probably did. This is a very dangerous trend, and if we ‘re not careful, we might just end up like the protagonist in the book, who was murdered by the state while trying to defend his or her animal farm. It ‘s pretty chilling stuff.

The main character, whose name escapes me, has a big brother, which is a clear parallel to the American psyche. The big brother depicted in the novel is a huge jerk who goes around beating people up for no reason. Sometimes he even steals their jewelry. The worst part is that he can do whatever he wants because he ‘s been deputized by the king of France.

Don ‘t think it can ‘t happen here.

We must always remember the novel ‘s prophetic slogan, ‘War is Peace, Something Something Freedom, Violence. ‘ John Orwell was ahead of his time, and we ignore his wise words at our own peril.

In real life, we can ‘t just count on some anarchist freedom fighter in a Guy Fawkes mask to swoop in and save us like he did to that bald chick.We have to do the hard work to liberate ourselves from the yoke of tyranny. If we allow our elected officials in Washington to get away with abusing their power, then it will only be a matter of time until it ‘s us strapped to that chair with a speculum prying our eyes open.

Wake up, people.

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