By: Gianmarco Soresi

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Hasidic Fiddler on the Roof

Donate to your friends ‘ Kickstarters or our lives will be as shaky as…A HASIDIC FIDDLER ON A ROOF! Subscribe for new sketches EVERY MONDAY and follow us on Facebook @ Written by Gianmarco Soresi Produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand / Edge In Motion Directed by Michelle Cutolo DP ‘d by T Zhang Edited by Jeff Rabinak Rabbi Shlomo Rabinowitz: Douglas Goodhart Music Director: Heath Saunders Gianmarco: Gianmarco Soresi Alice: Alice Grindling Natalie: Natalie Walker Russell/Tevye: Russell Daniels Alex: Alex Estrada Ensemble: Tim Murray, Ian Quinlan, Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Andy Zou, Megan Sass, Ben Gougeon, Sarah Seeds, Thomas Wesson, Garrett Gray, Andrea Biggs, Jim DiMunno, Bari Hyman, Kristin Parker Crew: Jon Mayer, JL Fragnay, Mauricio Marces, Cindy Ho Judaism Consultant: Megan Sass Special Thanks to Uncle Function (Chris Cafero, Jessica Frey, Russell Daniels, Douglas Goodhart, and Alex Fast)

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