By: Ryan Haney

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Hole in Dumb! Why Won’t Libtards Let Trump Tee-Off?

Can you believe that PRESIDENT Donald Trump has been in office for less than a month?! There ‘s already been so much WINNING! The Wall! The Ban! The Twitter fight with a department store!

Even more incredible is the fact that with only 26 days on the job, PRESIDENT Trumps has found the time to go golfing THREE different times. Now that ‘s a POTUS that makes the “mostest ‘ out of a busy schedule!

More like Commander-in-WEEDS! Just kidding, Mr. President. We ‘ve all been there.

Of course, putting Presidents are familiar turf for Trump. The Donald was a HUGE critic of Barack HUSSEIN Obama ‘s SICK GOLF ADDICTION.

A Carter burn buried inside of an Obama burn?! Mr. President, you are truly the master.

So isn ‘t it hypocritical for PRESIDENT Trump to be hitting the links this hard after calling out NO-BAMA for his HABITUAL shank sessions?

Umm, you might want to take a “mulligan ‘ on that one, Libtard.

The difference between Trump ‘s occasional outings and Obama ‘s CRIPPLING GOLF OBSESSION is that one of them is trying to MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN and the other spent eight years trying to flush this country down George Soros ‘ socialist shitter. I think we all know who deserves a little “tee ‘ time.

Maybe Obama needed to relax after a hard day of regulating small-business owners to death?

Just take a look at the Muslim Ban! PRESIDENT Trump must be exhausted from lugging around the pair of cajones necessary turn away refugee children just because Steve Bannon told him they ‘re gonna try and blow him up when they get older. Take the afternoon off and hit the back nine, Donald!

What about his cabinet? PRESIDENT Trump made good on his promise to shake up Washington by kicking out lifetime public servants and bringing in the fresh perspectives of people with no idea of what they ‘re doing. Can ‘t we let PRESIDENT Trump forget about “draining the swamp ‘ and just worry about “draining ‘ some twelve foot putts as a “thank you?! ‘

Again, tweets like these not hypocritical. Trump has EARNED his pitch and putts by throwing our government in total chaos.

And don ‘t forget when that Looney Tune in North Korea went and launched a missile right in the middle of PRESIDENT Trump ‘s big fancy dinner with the Prime Minister of Japan. The Donald had “clock in ‘ right when he was getting to the punchline of his famous “Asian Priest ‘ joke. If that doesn ‘t deserve a bucket of balls and a few hours on the driving range, I don ‘t know what does!

Did Abe just sink a putt? Or did he finally hear the end of that “Asian Priest ‘ joke?!

There have been so, so many early triumphs in Trump ‘s presidency: the flawlessly executed terror raid in Yemen, the nimble abandonment of a two-state solution in the West Bank, a blossoming and intricate relationship with Russia. If golfing every weekend is yielding these kinds of results, then all I ‘ve got to say is “fore! ‘

And if there are any Snowflakes out there who don ‘t think that taxpayers shouldn ‘t be footing the bill for POTUS ‘ greens fees, just remember Trump doesn ‘t NEED to be President. Trump could have spent the rest of his life playing golf, or walking into beauty contestants ‘ changing rooms, or whatever else a man of means chooses to do to relax. But because he is a true PATRIOT, PRESIDENT Trump is using the business expertise he ‘s gained from years of using his father ‘s fortune push the legal limits of tax and bankruptcy fraud to save our country from affordable healthcare. The LEAST we could do is spot him a couple of rounds.

Go easy on him, Donald! ‘but not on Obamacare!

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