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13 Apartment-Hunting Red Flags

It ‘s a fourth-floor “climb-up ‘

The landlord keeps saying “Enjoy the bathroom ‘ and winking

The lease is for 20 years to life

The apartment only texts you when it ‘s drunk

It ‘s described as “Underground Railroad-style ‘

It has a working fireplace, but it ‘s single, so it ‘s holding down two jobs and might need you to occasionally help look after its kids

There ‘s a constant booming bass and the security guard keeps asking for $20 to enter

The landlord takes photos of you to prove you were damaged before you moved in

The bathroom is just the room with the most holes

All the doorknobs are hot, there ‘s smoke coming from underneath the doors, and the fire department is there

Your potential roommate has more than zero trumpets

The apartment is only listed on walls of men ‘s rooms

You can afford it

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