By: Matt Griffo

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Modern Dancer Love I took modern dance while I was in high school and I loved it. This is my ode to modern dancers. Lyrics with chords: F Fsus4/G I love the way you move F/A Fsus4/Bb Modern dancer love F/A Fsus4/G I love the things you do F C7 My dancer love Dm The way you tumble dramatically F Sends shivers up my spine Gm Every hand gesture I see C7 Really blows my mind That one piece about the sea It truly felt as if you'd Swam The gods of dance would be proud Including Martha Graham I love the way you move Modern dancer love I love the things you do My dancer love That mound of balled of papers you dance around In an empty room I totally get that No need for explanations You pee in jars on stage in a museum mid ballet Those 6th graders from Utah Were wrong to be afraid BRIDGE Misunderstood angel on earth Will they truly know what you're worth Light your hair on fire without a change in expression While Screaming broken gibberish Truly shows your passion Bring the audience in excited And then they leave confused It's not your fault they don't get art Try again try again CHORUS

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