By: Alex Pearson

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50 Other Scenes In Upcoming Disney Remakes Sparking Boycotts

News that the latest Disney remake will include a gay character has some calling for a boycott, but it ‘s just the first in a series of scenes in upcoming Disney remakes that are causing outrage.

  1. A flashback to the sexual encounter that created Ariel ‘s grandfather, the first mermaid
  2. Aladdin swipes a loaf of bread and donates it to Planned Parenthood
  3. The Seven Dwarfs march for same-sex polygamy
  4. Mulan chooses a public restroom
  5. Rafiki supports fracking
  6. The Mad Hatter ‘s condition was caused by vaccines
  7. Lady and the Tramp experiment with light noodle bondage
  8. Lightning McQueen deflates his tires during the national anthem
  9. Andy ‘s Potato Heads decide to drop the ‘Mr. ‘ and ‘Mrs. ‘ as they discover how fluid gender is, especially for them
  10. Sadness from Inside Out embraces Dianetics
  11. Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming have a frank discussion about consent
  12. Hercules uses HGH
  13. Doc the Dwarf provides abortions
  14. Tiger Lily is an activist against the Never Land Pipeline
  15. Monsters Inc. relocates to a Caribbean tax haven
  16. The Sheriff of Nottingham waterboards
  17. Frozone ‘s super suit is made in China
  18. The star Geppetto wishes upon for a little boy does not report his suspicions about the old man
  19. Bucky and Pronk visit the Zootopia adoption agency
  20. Prince Charming invites his live-in massage therapist, Brent, to tag along on the Honeymoon
  21. Scar gets corrective cosmetic surgery
  22. Russians hack into WALL-E
  23. Elsa reminisces about her wild years at Smith
  24. At least 33 of those Dalmatians came from puppy mills
  25. Mowgli and Baloo sing their new song ‘Vegan and Loving It ‘
  26. Monsters University drops a noted conservative monster scholar as commencement speaker after student protests
  27. Mr. Toad glorifies texting and driving
  28. Quasimodo refuses treatment for religious reasons
  29. The Aristocats refuse to release their tax returns
  30. Pocahontas ‘s father founds the American anti-immigration movement
  31. Captain Hook does not have access to handicap parking
  32. The Witch Doctor in The Princess and the Frog is from PETA
  33. Thumper actually supports the NRA
  34. Zazu previously worked for Goldman Sachs
  35. Tigger drops a ‘g ‘ because it ‘s just uncomfortable
  36. Brother Bear is now about an Inuit boy who is transformed into a large gay black man
  37. The Fox and the Hound get married
  38. Willie is replaced by automated steamboat technology
  39. The Sword in the Stone now requires a concealed weapon permit
  40. The Emperor ‘s New Groove features full frontal nudity
  41. The sad montage in Up now clearly includes the old woman using medical marijuana
  42. Everything in Song of the South
  43. Dory ‘s condition is a direct consequence of Deepwater Horizon
  44. The Seven Dwarfs blame their condition on the nuclear plant next door
  45. Jafar now explicitly works for ISIS
  46. Stitch is designed from embryonic stem cells
  47. The Incredibles often assist Border Patrol
  48. Timon and Pumba go antiquing
  49. King Louie is straight
  50. A Bug ‘s Life begins at conception

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