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Funny Or Die’s Drunk Writing Day 2017



Writers arrived at the LA office at 9am to drink.

10am: we scheduled a drunk pitch meeting.

UPDATE: The pitch meeting began at 11:16am. Here are the pitches from that meeting:

  • St. Patrick ‘s Day Pitches
  • Each person gets a $25 Gift card, who got the best stuff – one thing has to be green- snapstory, 10 minutes
  • judges?
  • 3 Similar Lego sets, building competition
  • Walking Dead ssn 2 recap
  • JB ‘s Tinder Takeover, Kelly
  • DD: Screenshots, article
  • Funny or Die Log Ride
  • Map of the track, topography
  • Leprechaun AMA w/ Kelly
  • Target: Leprechaun
  • FB Live Helps ZP with his crossword puzzle
  • BW: This man will act like he cares about your bracket picks
  • ZP: Vape Talk, people heavily smoking vapes talking about the NCAA tournament
  • Vapes at Target
  • KH: ASMR Vapes (non ST. Patricks Day)
  • ZP: Doubles Tennis with the cutout of Trump
  • Use cutout as it progressively gets beat up
  • Drunk Photoshop Live

Update 12:53pm PT:

  • Dashiell has been trying to watch one episode of The Walking Dead for 2 hours.
  • Kelly (drunk) has full control of Josh ‘s Tinder profile. She just started a Tinder conversation with ‘You are a nature goddess ‘ as Josh.
  • Alex G just spent over $200 on LEGOs.
  • Dashiell ‘s been catching things people throw at him all day. He asked that we mention that.

Update 1:16pm:

  • Dashiell asked Daniel (sober) what he ‘s doing later. Daniel responded, ‘I don ‘t want to talk to you, drunk asshole. ‘ Dashiell says that this confirms his suspicions that a drunk writing day in the office was a bad idea.

Update 1:24pm:

  • Ben is writing up a list of ‘Types of Cool Guys Ranked ‘ (guy can be women)

Update 1:41pm:

Update 1:50pm:

  • Dashiell has officially bailed on recapping a season 2 episode of The Walking Dead.
  • We ‘re about to post a FB live of the writers drunkenly competing to build LEGO sets the fastest.

Update 2:21pm:

Update 4:45pm:

Update 5:51pm:

We just went to Target to see who could get the best thing for $25. Jocelyn recreated the last scene from Beauty and the Beast using stickers and diapers.

Update 6:08pm:

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