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March Madness Press Conference Questions You Will Never Hear

March Madness is upon us, and while the victors get the glory, the losers must relive their crushing defeat at a mandatory post-game press conference. Watch this humiliating tradition play out as the heartbroken Blue Bears field any and all questions from reporters.


Directed by Ghost + Cow
Written by Chris Molinaro
Produced by Dan Lubell
DP – Bryant Fisher
2nd camera – Brendyn Smyth
Sound Mixer – Fred Helm
Art Director – John Carlucci
HMU – Lisa Lombardo
PA – Marielle Kehoe
Editing by Chris Molinaro
Casting by David Morris
Coach – Seth Herzog
Dashawn – Jovan Tyler-Graham
Patrick – JC Mendoza
Reporters – Malachi Nimmons, Christopher Karloff, Alan Wilkis, Brandon LaGanke, John Carlucci, Dan Lubell, Lisa Lombardo, Chris Molinaro
Executive Producer – Darren Miller


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