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What Do Women Really Look For?

WORLD PREMIERE: “What Do Women Really Look For? ‘ At the end of the day, we all need a little release… Director of Photography: Omar Cano Director: Andrew Preston Assistant Director: Rochelle Ceilia Producers: Andrew Preston, Rochelle Ceilia, Omar Cano, Jazzy Byner Production Assistant: Rachael Kelly Writer: Jazzy Byner Editor: Omar Cano Music: Lejan Joshua Torres Deocariza Starring: Woman: Jazzy Byner Host: Seth Logan Hebert Paint Night Girls at table: Felicia Marie, Santina Muha, Crystal Franceschini Waitress: Rachael McLachlan Couple sharing pie: Tiffany Taylor, Travone Evans Drunk Woman: Carol Matthews-Nicoli Bartender: Alex Fream / Barista: Steve Ducey Busser: Jeff Martin / Women in bathroom: Pauline Miliotis, Lacey Noel Ballroom Instructor: Tim Lacatena Ballroom Students: (Allishia) AC Knotts, Hunter Bolton Diners: Dan Masso, Eric Mack Jr, Jasmine Porter, Alessandro Iazeolla, Crystal Ferreiro, Becca Harvey, Jordann Dunagan, Justin Hochreiter, Celia Reeto, Sayyed Shabazz, Monica Martinez, Yadira Reyes, Gabriella Julivette, Sara Sancho-Bonet, Dwayne Love, Hasan Carmichael, Byron Knight, Christian Campos, Curtis Starner, Dakota Schambach, Art Mustache, Byron David Gonzalez Special Thanks: Andres Di Bono, Sara Newton, and most of all, Chef Christian Paige and Cassell's Hamburgers staff for helping make grand frivolous dreams come true. Nightpantz/ Room 909 mash up If you liked this sketch, please consider supporting us by liking our Facebook Page and check out our Nightpantz swag on Zazzle at:

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