By: Pitch

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The Ultimate Laundry Hacks

Once your laundry pile gets too high flip it over and start wearing the clothes on top

Donate your clothes to Goodwill and then buy them back after they wash them

Tattoo clothes on your body

Only use one foot so you need just one sock

Swallow all your socks and a Tide laundry pod, then let your body do all the work

When it ‘s raining out put bars of soap in your pockets and go for a walk

If you know how to hit the dryer properly, TWO loads of laundry come out

Dry your laundry faster and hydrate for free by sucking on wet shirts

Tie all your dirty sheets together to escape from prison

Cut out hard to wash stains with scissors, then wear a second identical piece of clothing underneath so no one will notice the holes

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