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The One Side-Gig That Stand-Up Comedians Would Rock At

Many comedians spend years working odd jobs to support their comedy careers: Bartenders, Dog Walkers, Court Stenographers ‘ but did they ever consider Rockstar? After watching some clips from Comedy Central ‘s new series, The Comedy Jam, ‘rockstar ‘ seems like the most viable career path for a stand-up.

Don ‘t worry. This show doesn ‘t mean that your favorite stand-ups are suddenly ditching ‘crowd work ‘ for ‘crowd surfing. ‘ On The Comedy Jam, comedians tell a story about a song that means something to them, then rock out, using whatever-body-parts-they-feel-comfortable-displaying out.

Just check out this clip of Chris Hardwick. The guy can do stand up, host gameshows, and melt faces? Quit hogging ‘ all that talent, Chris!

And watch as Sam Richardson transforms from self-deprecating jokester to Rock God before your very eyes.

The Comedy Jam, a show where stand-ups get to live out their rockstar fantasies, premieres March 22nd on Comedy Central. And catch new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c or anytime on the CC App.

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