By: Tatiana Maslany

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Sexual Assault Toolbelt with Tatiana Maslany

Tired of the criminal justice system constantly trying to destroy the evidence of your sexual assault? Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) introduces “The Sexual Assault Survivor's Utility Belt”, the perfect accessory that gives you all the tools you'll need to keep that Rape Kit where it belongs!

Linda – Tatiana Maslany
Monica – Tori Anderson
Director – Kelly Hudson
Writer – Amina Munir
Producer – Michael Burke
Producer – Justin G Dyck
Production Coordinator – Myles Milne
Director of Photography – Russ De Jong
1st AC – Rafal Strupinski
Swing – Kyle Francis
Production Designer – Ashley Corley
HMU – Kristin Wayne
Stylist – Alexis Honce
Sound Mixer – Bob Charters
PA – Marco Dufemia
PA – Thomas Cornish
BTS Photography – Stanislav Yavorskiy

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