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Want To Feel Old? Donald Trump Has Been President For 11 Years

Want to feel old? Donald Trump has been president for 11 years. Feel old yet? That ‘s longer than the existence of the iPhone. How about now?

To put that in perspective, when Trump notoriously called Hillary Clinton ‘a nasty woman ‘ during one of their presidential debates, Mark Zuckerberg was still living in a dorm room, and Brad and Angelina were nothing more than co-stars.

And even though they have similar titles, J.K. Rowling ‘s final Harry Potter book, Deathly Hallows, came out a full year and a half after Trump gave his infamous inaugural address, ‘American Carnage. ‘

Remember the Women ‘s March? Babies at those protests are now middle schoolers. Checking for gray hairs yet?

Get this: Trump withdrew from the TPP the same year Quddus withdrew from TRL.

During his time as president, President Trump has attempted two different travel bans targeting a total of seven predominantly Muslim countries. In that same time, there have been three different Spider-Men attempted across a total of four predominantly mediocre movies. Feel like checking in a nursing home?

What about the time the president hung up on the Australian Prime Minister or refused to shake hands with the Chancellor of Germany? Coincidentally, that was back when they were still making Jackass movies

Or how about when President Trump ‘s national security adviser resigned for lying about meeting with the Russian ambassador? Or Trump accused the previous president of wiretapping him? Or Rachel Maddow did the whole primetime tax return stunt? Sure, it all may seem insane now, but keep in mind this was all going on back during a different era of insanity: Linsanity.

If this doesn ‘t make you feel old AF, I don ‘t know what will. Maybe the fact that when Trump was elected, ‘AF ‘ just meant a cool place at the mall to buy cargo shorts.

Or maybe it ‘s only been a couple months. It ‘s so tough to tell.

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