By: Outta Towne

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Playground Town

Just like The Wire, except with kids, candy and a playground. CAST Beans – Tyler Hibbard Rudy – Joseph Masson Molly – Kinsey Kunkel Hall Monitors / Hoppers – Zoe Turner, Dash Bradshaw, Shares Gilliam, Raine Murano, Cameron Hale, Nasir Williams, Hallie Dominguez, Sanajah Blackman, Kaylee Underwood, Reece Underwood, Kira and Julian, Lea Masson Lunch Lady – Yvette Lapura Teacher 1 – Tutul Rahman Teacher 2 – Christian Moore CREW Writer – Tutul Rahman Director – Kevin Welch Producer – Outta Towne (Tutul Rahman, Elle Scharf, Christian Moore, Jaymi Curley) and Going Cheek (Katie Carpenter, Kevin Welch) Director of Photography – Tony Collins Stage, Wardrobe, Make Up – Katie Carpenter Editor – Syl Turner Boom Operator – Shaheed Malik AD – Jessica Pruehs

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