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Rating 8 Of The New Dating Apps

One of the most innovative dating apps I ‘ve ever used, Breadr serves as the perfect way to match with someone who eats the same kind of bread as me. I rarely fall for those who consume any white carbs, so it was no wonder I wound up immediately hitting it off with some fellow Pumpernickel and multigrain fans. 9/10

The only dating app on the market that caters exclusively to pirates, Pirate Hook-Up is the ideal way to meet other pirates and bond about everything from life on the high seas to how they first contracted scurvy. Unfortunately, I wound up with zero matches since I am not a pirate. -/10

From the creators of the popular money-transferring app Venmo, VenMeet ‘s premise is that it ‘s the only dating app where you can actually pay someone to go on a date with you. Since it ‘s currently only legal to use in Nevada thanks to criticisms that it promotes prostitution, I couldn ‘t actually test VenMeet out. I ‘m looking forward to downloading the next time I ‘m in Vegas. -/10

Many people only use Uber as a transportation service without realizing that it ‘s actually the perfect way to go on a blind date with a mystery driver. Ideal for bisexuals (since the sex of the driver cannot be chosen when requesting a ride), a 20 minute mobile date typically costs less than dinner, making it ideal for those thrifty relationship-seekers. Your surroundings are always changing, making the perfect opportunity for smalltalk. 5/10

Despite its deceiving title, Star Sighter is a GPS-based dating app entirely made up of users who are currently at the same Starbucks as you. While fun at first, Star Sighter proved awkward after I had to reject a match who was sitting just a table over sipping a Caramel Macchiato. 2/10

With the shallow premise of catering to superficial daters who will forgive personality flaws like narcissism or obnoxiousness as long as their significant other has supermodel good looks, I found ‘FicialMatch to be a minefield of bruised egos. Let ‘s be honest: if you ‘re specifically looking for someone with personality flaws, you probably have a few of your own. 3/10

The perfect application for those emotionally distant lovers, Distantr is full of lonely people just petrified to show their true feelings. If you ‘re afraid to say ‘I love you, ‘ this app is for you. The thing about Distantr is that even not getting a reply from a match is par for the course, thus making it difficult to decipher who ‘s into you and who ‘s not. Ah, the downfalls of dating the emotionally distant. 6/10

No App is the dating app for people who don ‘t have dating apps. Meta? Yep. But I liked its simplicity, as well as the fact there ‘s finally a dating app that acknowledges that simply having a dating app is pathetic. 7/10

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