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This Assassin's Creed is that Nothing is True, Everything is Christmas. Santa Claus fights the naughty to serve the nice. Subscribe now for awesome new stuff every Monday! World Wide Webzzz: Like AOK on Facebook if you're an old person: Follow AOK on Twitter for short lulz: Follow AOK on Tumblr for emo lulz: Follow AOK on Instagram for visually striking lulz: Writer: Eric Moneypenny ( Voice: Nick Gligor, Heather Anne Campbell, Jon Bailey Producer: Aaron Augenblick Design: Yvonne Hsuan Ho Storyboard: Yvonne Hsuan Ho Animation: Yvonne Hsuan Ho, Joseph Altadonna, Jeremy Jusay, Keith Stack Interns: Andrez Mendez, Irving George, Sonja Von Marensdorff, Demitria Bozas, Silver Paul

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