By: Xavier Rotnofsky

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Tensions Rise: North Korea Threatens To Fail Another Missile Test If The U.S. Conducts Military Drills Near The Country

Responding to joint military exercises the U.S. and Japan are conducting near the Korean Peninsula, North Korea ‘s foreign affairs ministry threatened that these actions would provoke the country to attempt another missile launch that would likely end in failure, again.

The threat is coming just a week after North Korea ‘s last failed missile test in which their warhead exploded immediately after takeoff ‘an operation the hermit kingdom is willing to repeat if U.S. warships draw closer to the country.

‘If the United States is committed to escalating aggressions, we have no choice but to showcase our superior nuclear arsenal with another missile launch that will probably end in failure, ‘ warned a statement issued by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Han Song-Ryol. ‘Last week ‘s failed attempt is just one glorious example of many more to come. ‘

Assessing the potential harm of another unsuccessful missile test, Pentagon spokesman Admiral John Kirby stated that Navy officials are monitoring the situation closely to evaluate how little damage the North Korean People ‘s Army could cause if their test missile once again blows up instantly after launching.

‘If North Korea follows through with their threat, the Navy ‘s carrier strike group would suffer no damage and zero casualties, ‘ reported Admiral Kirby, emphasizing that the carrier strike group is sailing in an area of the Yellow Sea that North Korea ‘s short-range missiles might not even be able to reach. ‘The potential result of a failed missile test would be the opposite of devastating to our naval assets. ‘

Recent satellite images show increased activity at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site in northeastern North Korea, where nuclear engineers were last seen scrambling to find a misplaced long-range ballistic missile that was lost during transport.

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