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I Don’t Understand Why I, A White Man, Can’t Say Racist Things

I deal with a lot of stress in my day-to-day life. Whether it ‘s my family, my job, or just resisting my body ‘s natural rotations when I walk, being white and male is a chore sometimes. The one solace, the one safe haven I thought I still had was the right to free speech – the right to express myself openly in a public forum. And now I find out that, due to our rampant PC culture, I can no longer say racist things!

Don ‘t get me wrong, I ‘m not racist. In fact, I ‘m best described as severely not racist. But I feel that if I ‘m not allowed to say racist things, I ‘m being oppressed – oppressed by the ears of the people who hear the things. I ‘m not saying I believe the things, or endorse them – I ‘m not even saying it ‘s me that ‘s saying them. OK, well, I guess I am saying that. But the point is that there is me, and then there are the racist things. Saying them, and occasionally doing them, does not make me racist.

It ‘s not me that ‘s racist – it ‘s racism that ‘s racist.

Let ‘s look at an example. Say it ‘s Thursday, 3:30 PM, and I ‘m at my job where I hold an important title and have minimal duties. I take out my key ring to organize it, as I do every Thursday at this time, and accidentally injure my finger on one of the keys. I think it should be OK for me to scream the ‘N-word ‘ (see, PC culture dictates I can ‘t even say what word I ‘m referring to!!!) into a pail that I keep under my desk.

But that ‘s where the madness of liberal American society takes the reins. No, they say, you can ‘t use that word, because you ‘re not a member of that group. You don ‘t have the shared collective experience of an entire culture that has been literally enslaved in the past (and to a great degree, the present) by, well, YOUR culture! So that word is ‘not for you ‘.

Well I think that ‘s just bonkers. If the founding fathers were around today ‘well maybe that ‘s a bad example because I think they might not have had that much latitude with this sort of language even back then. But what about Ancient Man? He never had to keep a lid on his word cauldron. He was free to shamble around and grunt and bark in whatever manner he saw fit.

And I, for one, have had it. I will NOT allow my language, my thoughts, my very soul to be policed! I am going to say and do exactly what I think I should be allowed to do!

In my head.

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