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Heartbreaking! This Guy Had A Great Fyre Festival Tweet That He Saved To Drafts Instead Of Posting

The internet giveth and the internet taketh away.

On Friday, the trending topic of the disastrous Fyre Festival gave everyone online (not actually at the festival) a good chuckle. The fun started when the Fyre Festival, Ja Rule ‘s luxury music festival set on a private island in the Bahamas with tickets going for $12,000 and up, turned out to be an unmitigated clusterfuck. As attendees started showing up, there was nowhere close to the promised infrastructure or amenities in place to support the event.

And that all provided some great material for jokes on Twitter! Yes, the Fyre fodder burned brightly with tweets like:

All those great jokes aside, however, not all was fun and games.

For one Twitter user, the Fyre Festival trending topic turned ugly.

Sadly, Twitter user @bonetrain420 wrote what was possibly the best Fyre Festival burn of all, but then, tragically, somehow accidentally saved the tweet to his drafts folder instead of posting:

I ‘ve heard of ‘Girl on Fire, ‘ but ‘Fyre Festival on fire ‘??? Anyway, hope they all fuckin die.

‘ The tweet that could have been

The near perfect tweet, which references the Alicia Keys ‘ song ‘Girl on Fire ‘ because it shares a word in common with the festival, will sadly never see the light of day, nor it will it receive any of the replies, favs or retweets that it might have otherwise garnered.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to @bonetrain420 during this difficult time.

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