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Funny Or Die’s Best User Comments From The Week

Not all internet comments are created equal. We combed through every Funny Or Die comment from the past week and plucked out our favorites. Welcome to the hall of fame, libtards.

Note: These are real, actual user comments. If you have a great / funny / hurtful comment maybe you ‘ll see it in next week ‘s recap!

We do, too, Coty. We do too.

What ‘s that smell? Oh, snap! Did Funny Or Die, Jon Stewart, and The Daily Show just get ROASTED!?

This one ‘s just chilling.

An oldie, but a goodie.

A lot to unpack. I guess Dan is saying that Canadian schools serve meals that adhere to some sort of Islamic dietary restrictions. I ‘m not from Canada so I can ‘t confirm whether or not this is a real policy (didn ‘t find anything from a quick Google search), but Dan seems to think it is and he ‘s not a fan.

Then I believe Dan is saying that American public schools are too strict about limiting plastic bags in their cafeterias. Personally, I don ‘t agree, but I appreciate the dialogue he ‘s opening up here.


This comment got three Facebook likes so the ‘whore”label is clearly resonating with certain Funny Or Die viewers. This is good feedback.

Just love the positivity here.

Short. Sweet. To the point.

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